Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Halloween Costume + Replication of MUA Jordan Liberty Diamond Sugar Skull

Happy Halloween !

I don't usually make a fuss for Halloween as I just don't have the time to prepare for it.This year I was so inspired by my favourite MUA, Jordan Liberty so I had to recreate one of his looks; the Diamond Sugar Skull!

When I first saw his Sugar Skull photo on Instagram, I was blown away at the artistry so I  knew I had to replicate it. As this is not a tutorial I don't have step by step instructions but I do list the products I used. If you want to know how to do this look, you can watch Jordan's youtube video here. He's super easy to follow ! 


photo by @a2_studio_photo

Products on eyes
essence cosmetics, black gel liner all over eyes,lids, inner rim and nose ( go crazy!)
NYX Jumbo Pencil , purple velvet  all over lids
Urband decay ,Voodoo on top of NYX purple velvet
Vaseline all over lip for added gloss
KISS Natural lashes 
Tweezerman IQ brushes 
Mac 127 brush

Products on face
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over face
Blend with wet Beauty Blender
MakeUp Forever HD Foundation shade N140

Michaels craft store

Flower crown
Rania from Wardrobe Sylist

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Finally, Drugstore SkinCare Products that work !!

I tend to be OK with paying a lot more for higher end department store skincare treatments or products because I know I'm paying for better formulation of ingredients, higher quality ingredients and the science behind the product. Even though I adore my higher end skincare products, I still jumped at the chance to test out the L'Oréal Revitalift Bright Reveal™ treatments for 6 weeks when Influenster offered them to me. I thought to myself, can I truly find products that can deter the signs of aging, brighten, hydrate my skin and not break the bank? 

Read on to find out!

Influenster sent me the Bright Reveal™ scrub cleanser,daily lotion, dual overnight moisturizer, and daily peel pads (not pictured).

The timing of receiving this package was impeccable as I had just 
written a post on the importance of adding new products to your 
skincare routine at the turn of every season! As I truly wanted to provide a thorough review I dedicated 6 weeks to only using these products day and night. 

The Bright Reveal ™scrub cleanser provides gentle exfoliation to reveal new skin. This is done by the micro-pearls in the scrub that contain Glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a powerful compound that penetrates deep into the skin to address any concerns such as blackheads and wrinkles. L'Oréal recommends you use the cleanser scrub once in the morning and once at the end of the night.
 I 'm usually not a fan of the micro-beads found in scrubs or exfoliators as I find they are too abrasive on my skin. I don't have sensitive skin, but my skin just doesn't react well to them.  Fortunately, I didn't experience any abrasions with this cleanser scrub. The micro-pearls are so fine that my skin wasn't irritated. Even though I found this cleanser scrub gentle enough to use everyday, I decided to use it three times a week in the morning.

The Bright Reveal ™ peel pads are pre-soaked with powerful amounts of gylcolic acid to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles , brighten complexion, rejuvenate dull skin and exfoliate, at a higher concentration than the cleanser scrub, dead skin cells. I used the peel pads every night before applying the overnight moisturizer. I definitely saw a more even toned complexion in the morning after using it consistently for one week straight. After raving about this product for two weeks my sister snatched it from me before I could snap a photo of it for this post. I'm not mad at her though,  sharing really is caring :)

Bright Reveal™ Brightening daily lotion with SPF 30 can be used every morning after cleansing the skin with the scrub or pads. This lotion is very lightweight and definitely has become my favourite daytime lotion. Since it has SPF it's also become my only protection against the sun's harmful rays. The lotion is great under makeup and it doesn't give off a white cast due to SPF ingredients. I like to wear Estée Lauder double wear foundation during the day and this day lotion is the perfect base for it. Anytime I wear it I see my face has a glow to it regardless of what makeup I apply on top!

Bright Reveal ™ Dual Overnight Moisturizer can be used after the reveal pads or the cleanser scrub. This overnight moisturizer is a brightening + anti-wrinkle night treatment. This treatment contains a powerful combo of Glycolic acid + Vitamin C + Retinol to combat wrinkles and uneven skin tone while you sleep.I'm exceptionally surprised by the high level of Retinol contained in this overnight moisturizer. Usually drugstore products do not have high concentrations of retinol and therefore are not as effective on the skin. This is not the case with the this moisturizer! 

 Do I love these products?

 Yes, I sure do! I especially love the brightening peel pads and day lotion! I think they are the stars of the set! I am on my second bottle of day lotion already and I love how it feels on my skin and under my makeup. It gives my skin a surge of moisture and brightens up my complexion instantly. The brightening peel pads are doing wonders at shedding away dead skin. After using them every night I can see that they are more concentrated than the scrub but still gently enough to use everyday. The overnight moisturizer feels great when I apply it after cleansing my face. It's a light and silky lotion that doesn't have a fragrance. I have very small fine lines on my forehead and I wanted to see if after 6 weeks of continuous use they would be less visible , as per L'Oréal claims with this product. Unfortunately, I can't say the claims about reducing fine lines are true, at least for me they were not. I didn't notice any change with the fine lines. I may need to use the product longer, which I am doing anyway because I did notice that the little sun spot on my right cheek was diminishing slightly! Yeah no more sun spots, boo, still have fine forehead lines! 

I will continue to use the L'Oréal Revitalift Bright Reveal ™ products as a set for the the simple fact that I have seen a change in the overall tone of my skin. My sunspots are diminishing and hopefully with extended use they will disappear, but the #1 reason I will continue to use these products is because I have noticed that my skin is more radiant than ever before. 

As I am always open and honest on this blog (and life in general) I want to finish off this post by stating that if Influenster didn't send me these products to test out, I probably wouldn't have picked them up on my own. Why? Because I had the mind set that any product under $25 was not powerful and concentrated enough to make a difference on my skin. You see, I am that girl that spends atrocious amounts of money on makeup products so if I can find a drugstore dupe for some of the higher end makeup that I fancy then I go for it and buy the $8 mascara that will give me voluminous lashes like Lancome Hypnose can. I need to start applying the same way of thinking to drugstore skincare products as well. Just because it's sold at Walmart or Shoppers doesn't mean it's not as effective as the product sold at Nordstrom or The Bay. I'm not saying that all drugstore skincare products will do as they claim on the packaging but I won't dismiss them as quickly as I used too.


Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review by Influenster, but I was not asked for a positive review on my blog. All the  opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, October 10, 2016

L'Oréal Pure-Clay Masks

Clay masks have been around for centuries and can be traced back to ancient Africa and Egypt where the inhabitants were using them to treat burns and scars. Later they discovered that the masks had great beautifying properties to them and soon become essential to ancient beauty regimes. Fast forward to many many centuries later and clay masks have made a huge comeback thanks to the very popular L'Oréal Pure-Clay masks.

L'Oreal introduced three pure-clay masks :

 Red Algae +  3 Mineral Clays is best for exfoliating and pore refining rough skin.

Charcoal  + 3 Mineral Clays is great for energizing and brightening dull skin.

Eucalyptus  + 3 Mineral Clays is  for purifying and mattifying and is best used on oily skin.

The masks are all formed  with 3 clays (Kaolin + Montmorillonite + Moroccan Clay ) + either Red Algae, Charcoal or Eucalyptus. Once you select the mask that best addresses your skin concerns, it's recommended that it be applied 3 times a week for 10 minutes.

I used the masks for five weeks straight , 3 times a week , dedicating one and a half week to each mask. I , at times, have dry and not so lustrous skin so I tried the Charcoal mask first.  I applied an even coat all over my face. The mask dried very quickly and changed to a light blue color.  I did feel tightening of my face once the mask fully dried.  I washed the mask off with water after 10 minutes. Washing the clay off my face wasn't an easy task. I had to really go over a a few areas several times to ensure the product was completely rinsed off.  Once the mask was completely off  I noticed instant results on my face.  My face felt smoother and looked brighter after the first use. The second time I used the Charcoal mask, I noticed my pores at the tip of my nose looked cleaner than before I applied the mask.  Not once after rinsing the mask off did my face feel dry, actually , my face felt very hydrated and smooth after every use.

The next mask I tried was the Red Algae mask. Even though I don't have rough skin I do like the idea of exfoliating my skin with out using harsh beads usually found in most exfoliators. I also applied  a thin layer of this mask and left it on for 10 minutes. It dried  the same way the Charcoal mask did, very quickly,  and it changed colour to a light orange. This mask didn't tighten my skin like the Charcoal mask did. It was actually very soothing on my skin and it had a very pleasant aroma. This mask rinsed off very easily. My skin felt very soft and looked clean. By clean I  mean my pores, which are all on my nose, were free of dead cells and dirt! I was impressed when the Charcoal mask cleaned my pores, but the Red Algae mask did an even  better  job at it!  Again, after every use my skin felt hydrated and never dry. 

The last mask I used for a week and a half was the Eucalyptus clay mask. Out of the 3 masks , this was the one that I didn't use all over my face. Since it's geared for oily skin and I have off and on dry skin,  I only needed to use this mask on my T-Zone where during certain days of the month * ahem* I can be oily there. I loved the light non-perfume aroma of this mask. The Eucalyptus in the mask helps to reduce oil buildup in the skin. After one application on my T-Zone I noticed I had reduced shine. While using the Eucalyptus mask solely on my T-Zone, I used the Charcoal mask on the rest of my face. Again, after I rinsed off the mask, my skin looked hydrated and not dull. 

I'm impressed with the overall quality and effectiveness of these pure- clay masks. These masks are thick in texture and they feel like the premium clay you would dig out of the dead sea! They aren't complicated to use and can easily be incorporated into a day or night time beauty routine.  After using each mask three times a week I was able to see considerable benefits to my skin. I saw a great change in my skin tone and hydration. I was pleasantly surprised that the Red Algae mask was able to remove all the dirt from my pores from one use. After only one application using the Charcoal mask,  I saw hydration and luminosity in my skin. Masks in general have become an essential part of a beauty regimen , ( hello #Koreanbeauty is built around masks alone!!), and everyone can benefit from one of these 3 Pure- Clay masks. I love the Charcoal mask so much that I've added it to my first ever giveaway; coming up on the blog soon!! 

DISCLAMER: This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products with my own money. The opinions expressed are my own.

XO, Maha 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall Lip Shades You Can Rock!

Autumn is officially here! Can we all just rejoice and pull out the oversized sweaters, tall boots and start diving into pumpkin spice lattes and oh yeah , Autumn makeup! 

 If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this picture . Not only am I rock'n my tall boots alongside a monochromatic wardrobe but I'm also wearing this falls lip trend : dark, bold , vampy and almost gothic like lips. In both photos I'm wearing the same shade, Vintage by NYX.

//photo by a2_studio_photo//

In the spirit of Autumn here are my favourite lip shades.

It's really no surprise that NYX would be my go-to brand for matte liquid lipsticks. IMO NYX creates some of the most vibrant , pigmented and long wearing liquid lipsticks on the market. I can't forget to mention that they are very budget friendly ($9). The NYX Suede line is my absolute favourite. I wear "Soft Spoken" to work a lot! It's a pink undertone and lasts more than 7 hours on my lips and that's after eating and drinking all day. 

Favourite Fall lipsticks

"Antique Velvet" by MAC is a perfect dark matte brown and wish I had bought it earlier to wear for my fall blog shoot! It swatches beautifully and looks great on almost any skin tone really. I can't tell you for how long I've been looking for a matte brown reminiscent of the 90's look and I finally found it!

Captive and Hang-Up are also from MAC and have been staples in my Autumn makeup bag since last year. They are more berry tones and are  a satin and cremesheen finish. I wear these more for going out then going to the office, but you can definitely rock a berry lip around the water cooler, whatever works for you !

Midnight red was sent to me as a PR sample from Mary Kay. I instantly feel in love with it and captured it on Instagram here.
It reminds me a lot of  "Red Ochre" eyeshadow from the ABH Renaissance palette. Take a look at this photo and tell me I'm not dreaming! It's a gel semi-matte finish and long wearing (about 5 hours). As you can see from the swatch it's highly pigmented and only took 1 swipe to achieve this colour. 

Do you prefer a liquid lipstick or the traditional lipsticks? Do you have a favourite Fall lip colour? Leave me a comment below as I'm always looking for new lip shades to add to my collection !

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought all the lipsticks, with the exception of the Mary Kay Midnight Red"" that was sent to me as a PR sample. I was not compensated for this post and the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

XO, Maha 

Monday, September 19, 2016

e.l.f. Makeup : 1 Winner + 3 Losers

Several weeks back I bought a few e.l.f products from my local Walmart. I was super excited as the selection was huge! e.l.f. is one of those very affordable brands that has a great line up of products and a good handful of their products I've tried and loved. A few products like this one and this one are a staple in my skincare and makeup routine. 

I picked up the Dark Blush Palette , Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black, Small Stippling Brush and Instant Lift Brow Pencil in neutral brown. Unfortunately this e.l.f shopping trip wasn't as worthwhile as I had hoped. The title of this posts says it all. 

Let's start with the clear winner! This e.l.f stippling brush is the! It's small enough to fit in an average sized makeup bag. It's a classic black colour and has short bristles. It looks very much like a the MAC 130 short stippling brush. I used the e.l.f stippling brush to blend in my NARS creamy concealer on the under eye area. It's small enough to use under the eyes and around the corner of the nose. The bristles are very soft against the skin and I picked up product very easily with it. I also used this brush to apply cream blush. Overall I'm really impressed with the brush considering it was only $5! I haven't washed it yet so I hope after I wash it for the first time it still holds it's shape and the bristles don't fall out. I will be going back to buy another small stippling brush to add to my professional kit as well as trying out some other e.l.f. brushes. I just hope they are as good as this one!

With the assortment of colours available in the  e.l.f Instant Lift Brow pencil and the spooly at the end this product could have been the front-runner for an ABH brow wiz dupe, but unfortunately this product doesn't work very well.  First off the spooly is way to harsh and dense. I used a very light hand and it still felt rough against my skin. I had to apply several strokes of the pencil in the same area to have it show on my skin. The colour didn't last long( 2 hours) on my brows. I started to see it fade on one of my brows while the other one took a half hour longer to fade. I felt the pencil was too waxy therefore not allowing the colour to properly adhere to the brows and skin. I would probably recommend this to brow pencil to anyone who is just starting to experiment with makeup. If you are a seasoned makeup wearer please skip this product as it will frustrate you during application. 

The e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen looks very sleek and functional. It's also very deceiving. The tip looks very pointy but it's actually flimsy and bends if you add a bit of pressure to it.My first experience with the pen wasn't the greatest.I had to shake it a few times to have the liquid dispense out of the pen and after 10 minutes of sheer frustration I managed to achieve a so-called line but had it rub off on me an hour into my work day! I may have gotten a defective pen ,to be honest ,but I wasn't going to buy another one. It's not worth the hassle. I'll just stick to this e.l.f.liner instead. I know it works and I love it!

Out of all the products I purchased, I would have to say this blush palette was my biggest disappointment. I had such high expectations since I read all the great reviews on it. I'll start off with the PROS of this palette. The cost, obviously, was very affordable at $7. You receive 4 wearable colours and it comes in a nice sleek black palette that can easily be thrown into a travel case and off you go! This palette will take you from season to season. Here are the CONS of this palette. The colours are wearable but not pigmented enough for my taste. It takes a few swipes of the blush to achieve "enough" colour. The description of the palette says it has matte and shimmer shades but I noticed all the shades have somewhat of a shimmer to them. There isn't true matte shade in the palette. The blush doesn't last long on the skin. I do not have oily skin and about 3 hours in to my work day I needed a touch up. 
Overall this isn't an atrocious, yes I'm being dramatic again, blush palette to have in your makeup bag. However, with the limited space I have and the mass variety of makeup available on the market I have to be picky of what I carry around. 

//swatches of the dark blush palette.3 swipes to achieve this pigmentation//

e.l.f. used to make an amazing HD cream blush that I have bought in the past and would love to repurchase but I can't find it at my local store. If you know where I can buy it, please leave me a comment below!

Happy e.l.f shopping!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased these products with my own money. I was not compensated for my review and my opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with e.l.f cosmetics.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

7 Skin Saving Products I 'm Dying To Try and So Should You!

With Summer coming to a close and the colder temperatures approaching, it's time to start thinking about switching up your skincare routine. I'm a firm believer that every season you should swap out a skincare product and introduce a new one to your already extensive day + night ritual to achieve new results. According to Dr. OZ "healthy skin is important because it's your first line of defence from bacteria and other environmental pollutants". Let's not forget to mention that your makeup applies and looks impeccable when your skin is healthy! That's why this Fall I'm looking at incorporating one or two of these skin saving products to maximize my results!


This extra strength peel contains 3 high potency acids ( AHA, BHA and Mandelic Acid) that exfoliate the skins rough patches to reduce the look of fine lines and uneven skin tone. I have had great experience using BHA and AHA, but at 40% acid potency I think you are almost at professional grade quality. I'm definitely interested in trying this at home peel.



I've developed a few sun spots around my eye area and it's irritating me because I use SPF 30 sunscreen every single day, but that's still not enough to deflect them. In my defence though, I don't put sunscreen too close to my eye area as it really irritates me. I have read amazing reviews on this serum that targets sun spots and makes your skin luminous. I'm willing to pay the hefty price tag to test it out and hopefully banish them forever! I'm not yet ready to have a laser treatment such as IPL so I think this is my best non-invasive option!


As important as it is to take care of your face, it's equally as important to nourish the rest of your body. This is another Murad product that has received rave reviews online from bloggers and woman around the globe (yes I also read beauty blogs lol). What's unique about this body cleanser it that it's formulated to draw out all impurities from your body. I read online that this white clay cleanser detoxifies your body like an Epsom salt bath would but in the shower! I'm definitely up for that.



This product blew up on my Instagram feed(insert shameless plug here)so of course curiosity got the best of me and I had to check it out online. This overnight mask leaves a thin film on the face as it hydrates, replenishes and soothes. It contains ylang ylang, sandalwood oil, and orange flower to promote deep sleep. This is a huge Korean beauty favourite so of course I'm already intrigued!


boscia is a botanically based , preservative free skincare line. I've always been curious about this brand and the more I researched them the more I like their philosophy. 
This product is made from the low-alcoholic Japanese drink, Sake. Sake has been proven to provide great skin benefits such as hydration and luminosity. It also contains jojoba leaves to prevent free radical damage. This moisturizer is another K-Beauty hit so of course it's on my list of products to experiment with.
$245+( amazing incentives every month)

It's no secret that Rodan + Fields has become a phenomenon in the skin care industry that even caught the attention of Ms. Britney Spears herself. She is praising the brand for keeping her skin subtle, youthful and free of blemishes. I'm very interested in trying the complete REDIFINE line as I'm already using the REDEFINE Multifunction eye cream and I see a huge difference in my eye texture and dark circles. It's recommended to use the whole system together to truly achieve amazing results, so I may just go for it and order the complete REDEFINE Line!


I never cared much for facial toners till I read in a magazine how advanced toners have become and how essential they are to a daily skin care regime, especially in the colder months. The more sophisticated toners will add moisture, soothe redness and are packed with antioxidants ( a.k.a. anti-aging). This one is a no brainer and I will be picking this up sometime this week. I 'm a fan of Simple products because they're very affordable and are proven to work!

DISCLAMIER: I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned above.

Monday, September 12, 2016


When you think of beauty tools what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

I instantly think of makeup brushes, tweezers and razors! Now imagine if you had to be without these tools? No way! I'm so dependant on beauty tools that I would be a complete mess, literally! 

As a makeup artist, makeup wearer and beauty lover I understand the importance of having reliable tools to achieve your look. I own several brands of brushes, lash glue and makeup but I tend to gravitate towards a select few tools that I know can rely on because I've done so in the past to help me get the job done with little fuss! That's why I was so happy when the good folks at Tweezerman sent me a few of their beauty tools to test out. I received 3 eyelash curlers, the iQ eye defining brush set and a funky print tweezer.

This set includes the iQ Line Glider brush , Shader brush and Blender brush. I used all 3 brushes on a model last weekend ( click here to view pictures on Instagram) and I was impressed by the quality of all the brushes, but the one that stole my heart was the Glider brush. The curved shape of the brush is really unique. I used gel liner and was able to pick up the product from my palette easily. I lightly lined the models' eyes and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to create a precise wing even with a curved tip brush. A wing liner is a bit tricky for me but the curve and the tip of the brush made it easier. I used the multifunctional Blender brush to pack on shadow to the lid and blend colours, then used the Shader brush to very lightly smoke out the bottom lash line. 

For years I've used the same lash curler from the drugstore on myself and clients. I have one in my kit and a similar one in my personal makeup bag. It never dawned on me ,until I was exposed to the ProCurl and ProMaster lash curlers, that the lash curler I've been using for years is a one size fits all. Does that make sense? How is that possible when we don't all have the same eye shape! Once I realized this, I did a quick search online to see if all other lash curlers from various brands were a one size fits all , and yes they were! 

The ProCurl and ProMaster are not a one size fits all beauty tool. They are part of Tweezerman Lash Logic series. These are specially tailored to suite diverse eye shapes such as almond, deep set and round eyes. ProCurl is created for round eyes and the ProMaster is for almond or deep set eyes. I have almond and deep set eyes so the ProMaster has become my new best friend. I've used it everyday since receiving it. I've also changed the silicone pad and used it on my almond eyed clients. It really does make a difference. The ProMaster is designed with an extra wide opening as almond eyes are typically larger and longer in length. The larger opening is designed to reach every lash and give it a nice curl.It really does reach every single lash!

ProCurl won Allure Magazines 2105 Best of Beauty Award and is for round eyes and opens to a 60 degree angle. It has the same comfort grip as the ProMaster and comes with 2 silicone pads. For best results the silicone pad should be changed every 3 months. I'm obsessed with rose gold so the ProCurl has been on display on my vanity since I received it! It adds a very nice touch to the space. YES! I do display beauty tools, especially if they look this pretty and shiny! I love the construction of both the ProCurl and ProMaster. They are sturdy and don't feel flimsy while I'm using them. 

As a makeup artist I always curl my clients lashes, regardless if they already have a natural curl. If I am applying false lashes, I curl the natural lashes first, then curl the false lashes before applying them for that extra oomph!

In my day to day makeup wear I used to curl my lashes 60% of the time, but now with the ProMaster I notice a really big difference so I started doing it everyday! Even if I'm not planning on wearing mascara that day I still curl them!

Tweezerman has created a portable version of their Classic lash curler. It folds in half and is very lightweight. It has a wide opening, but not as wide as the ProMaster. I particiulary love the bright pink handle and because it folds in half you don't have to compromise great lashes for space in your makeup bag!  This is a must have product for all you jet setters out there!

My eyebrows grow at a very unique rate, i.e. lightning speed , so I'm constantly trimming and tweezing my full brows. I instantly loved this mini tweezer for it's unique fun print and because the slant on the tweezers as well as the the size of the tweezer allow me to get really close to the short stubborn hairs I have. This print along with other funky prints also come in a full size but I personally prefer the mini for travelling convenience. 

I really enjoyed using these products and will invest in this and this from Tweezerman as well this gorgeous gun metal set ( giveaway anyone!!!!). You can buy Tweezerman products in all major drugstores around the globe.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The products were provided to me free of charge, however I was not asked for a favourable review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Top Beauty Travel Essentials + Product Packing Rules

We didn't get to travel a whole lot this Summer but I did manage to squeeze in a weekend trip with my husband to beautiful Montreal sans enfants. ! Packing beauty products for a weekend getaway used to be a daunting task for me. I was that person that packed every single product in her makeup collection for a weekend away! Over the years I've developed a set of rules that I now follow religiously  to help me decide on what to pack!

Rule # 1 Skip Foundation

 Seriously? Yes!

Leave it at home!.  Instead equipe your beauty bag with a great tinted moisturizer or BB cream such as AVON ideal Shade or Smashbox BB cream Not only do these products work (very well) they also fall into my rule #2. As well your skin will benefit from a day off from foundation. ! If you choose a good BB cream or tinted moisturizer with SPF they sometimes will do a better job than a foundation. A bb cream or tinted moisturizer can hydrate your skin , even skin tone as well as conceal any blemishes By leaving the foundation at home, you've also freed up extra space in your makeup bag as you no longer have a need for a foundation brush! #packinglight just got lighter!

Rule # 2 Pack Double Duty Products

Gone are the days when I used to pack a lipstick  and lip balm !! Now I pack a coloured lipblam and add a tiny bit of bb cream to my lips then add the lip balm to give my lips more of a lipstick stain. The best for this hands down is the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. They come in a variety of shades and apply easily to give you the right amount of colour. Sometimes if I don't pack my blush I use this chubby stick as a blush as well! To use as a blush , apply it directly to where you usually wear your blush and lightly dab it around with your fingers. It gives the perfect colour. I really love watermelon rose. It adds that bit of flush to your skin that looks good on anyone!

As I wrote earlier in this post, BB cream and tinted moisturizer also contribute to rule #2. A tinted moisturizer with SPF takes the place of a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen. It can hide blemishes as well as hydrate your skin. 

Bonus Tips:

Did you know you can also use conditioner as a shaving gel? 

Yep works like a charm and you don't even have to pack it with you as all hotels supply their guests with sample size conditioners+shampoos!

Have you used baby wipes as makeup remover? 

These babies are not just to be used for wiping baby bottoms anymore. Exhausted after a full day of sightseeing or shopping ? Grab a wipe to take your makeup off and hit the sheets! Don't have time to "freshen up"? Grab a wipe and give yourself a quick pat down ! Convenient when you need to wipe germs off your hands but no washroom in sight! Baby wipes are cheaper than makeup remover wipes and typically have less perfume. A multitasking small and compact product that is a must in any weekender beauty bag!

Rule #3 Do not wash your hair

Sounds gross but unless you jumped into a chlorine filled pool or had a bird lay claim on your mane then there really is no need to wash your hair on a weekend getaway! Wether you have oily unruly  hair, or you just want to clean your scalp to extend the life of your blow out then you need to invest in Dry Shampoo. I prefer to use Batiste Dry Shampoo. I have used other Dry shampoo brands in the past but they were either way overpriced or they didn't work as promised. Batiste dry shampoo easily brings my hair back to  life. I depend on it when I wear my hair curly hair and straight. It always cleans my scalp and takes away any oil buildup.  This product comes in several fragrances and colours suited for your hair type. As well Batiste dry shampoo is another product that can fall into rule #2. It doubles as a thickening and volumizing spray for thin hair . A few sprays will give you volume and the appearance of thicker hair.

Rule # 4 Pack a shadow stick (or two or three)

What's a shadow stick?  It's eyeshadow in stick form! 

So why pack it? It's more convenient to pack than an eyeshadow palette as it takes up way less room in your makeup bag and you're not stressing about your expensive eyeshadow smashing. I have been known to forget an eyeshadow palette ... or two at the hotel once or twice before. I prefer budget friendly eyeshadow sticks like Rimmer London ScandalEyes Sticks to take away with me on weekend trips. If you are low key makeup on your weekend away then this shadow stick in a neutral colour will come in handy, but if you're planning on having a romantic dinner  by candlelight ( You go girl!) and you want a sultry look than 2 or 3 shadow sticks is all you need to pack. I've travelled across the ocean with these sticks and they never let me down. It's very easy to add an extra punch to to your eyeshadow while using these sticks. First  apply the eyeshadow stick to your lid, then dab or pat a bit of vaseline on top of the shadow to give you that famous Kim K. "wet" look that she wore at the VMA's.  These eyeshadow sticks are extremely affordable, portable and versatile. Since you get a lot of pigmentation with only one swipe you won't be disappointed that you didn't pack your much loved  UD  palette!

I also love the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick. They are not budget friendly,  however the formula and easy application make up for the price tag ( kinda really is a splurge product!) They also come in loads of different shades.

Rule #5 Never Travel without mascara

You all know my obsession with Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara. It's for a good reason I tell you ! Mascara alone can transform your eye shape and sometimes,if it's tinted mascara, your eye colour. If I decide to forgo the eyeliner, I just double up on the coat of mascara and my eyes look bigger , more awake and I instantly have fuller lashes. Mascara is a simple way of adding  a bit of glam or sophistication to any look, even if you're only wearing tinted moisturizer and lip balm :)

Rule # 6 Don't forget to pack essential toiletries!

What are essential toiletries you ask? Well I would say toothbrush , toothpaste and deodorant. You don't need to pack full size products of these essentials, you can get away with economy size for a weekend getaway.

These are my essential toiletries :

//I do not use antiperspirant//

//Only toothpaste I use now since I was introduced to it. This toothpaste is specially formulated to get your teeth whiter in 5 days. I love the taste and smell of mint so this toothpaste has become my go to!//

//When I travel I only bring disposable toothbrushes so I can toss them after my trip. I am a bit type "A" with my dental hygiene! //

What do you bring along with you on a weekend getaway?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. The Batiste dry shampoo and Truly Radiant toothpaste are a PR sample and I chose to discuss them in this post. I was not financially compensated for this post. 

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